A Foldee Disc™ is a foldable frisbee that encourages endless fun that you can take with you wherever you go. Perfect for the beach, park, or backyard! The disc comes with a durable hard case so you can chuck it in your bag and always be ready to play.



Founded in 2015 through a runaway Kickstarter campaign it's safe to say that Foldee Disc™ is set to be the next big thing this summer, make sure you've got yours. The premise behind the product was to create a fun, unique product that would encourage exercise and active play.

The innovative design allows it to be portable, and the soft, lightweight structure makes it suitable for all age groups. Rigorous aerodynamic tests have ensured a perfect balance in materials and disc diameters for optimal performance. Foldee Discs™ come with a macaroon hard case that can be attached to belt loops and bags, protecting the disc while making it easily portable. Foldee Disc™ is a great outdoor product to enjoy with family and friends, making exercise more playful and enjoyable.

Foldee frisbee


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How to use your new Foldee Disc

Foldee generally takes a little bit of time for the material to 'wear in', softening after approximately 20 minutes use. Unlike other flying discs the fabric needs to loosen to enhance the flight lines. It also requires practice as the disc has no hard edges.

We don't expect our customers to perfect the throwing technique on their first go, like all sports though, practice makes perfect. If you still feel that the disc is too rigid we recommend hand washing in water and let dry to soften the fabric further.

Behind the simplistic design of Foldee disc™ were numerable tests of aerodynamics with various material compositions as we searched for the perfect balance in materials, disc diameters for optimal performance and optimal weight.

Foldee's unique patented construction and design makes games more enjoyable for participants, including:

Catching: Foldee™ is flexible on all axis, making catching more intuitive and easy. During the discs flight, you can adjust your catching position. However, you feel like making the catch. With zero hard edges, the disc is very easy to catch

Safety: Due to its soft material, Foldee™ looses its shape, speed & rotation on impact. Foldee™ absorbs the impact and disperses the energy throughout the disc, limiting any potential injury.

Movement and exercise: Foldee™ is a recreational product that promotes a fun, healthy activity that helps to engage numerous muscle groups, strengthening your core and improving your balance.

Flying distance: Foldee™ optimal distance is between 1m – 30m for novice and intermediate users. Experienced users can reach longer distance without losing shape and form through the flight.

Foldee Disc™ is a cool outdoor product to enjoy with family & friends, making exercise more playful and enjoyable

Best part of it? Foldee™ can be kept in your pocket or hang it from your belt loops, clothing or bag with the matching hard case which protects it at all times.