Mondo was founded in 1948 in Gallo d’Alba, in north western Italy. Due to the remarkable vision of its founders, the Stroppiana family, and their strong spirit of enterprise and innovation, Mondo has over the years developed from a small-craft business into a large multinational group, in both production of balls and the first rubber floorings for use in civil, industrial and sport’ infrastructures. For over 30 years, the Sports & Flooring division has been the sole supplier of the running tracks to all of the Olympic stadia, where the Olympic world records are set. The Mondo Toys division is dedicated to the creation, manufacturing and distribution of outdoor toys, such as: play balls, wheeled toys, beach toys, inflatables, and much more. Mondo is one of the most important licensees within our product categories working with the most famous brands and licenses, such as Disney, Mattel, Universal and Dreamworks.