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Bond over these amazing games and puzzles while watching your child learn and grow.

Space Tap Tap Game by Djeco

Space Tap Tap Game by Djeco


12 Piece Little Lion Cardboard Puzzle by Crocodile Creek
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12 Piece Sleepy Owl Cardboard Puzzle by Crocodile Creek
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We've curated a wonderful selection of games and puzzles for a wide range of ages.

Classic board games are not just entertaining, they serve as a great toy for social play. They also boast educational benefits. Younger children develop shape, colour, and pattern recognition, as well as increased dexterity. Older children get to practise logic and reasoning.

Given their nature, backyard games encourage children to be more familiar with rules while promoting more active play.

Puzzle games are known for their ability to improve children's cognitive abilities while promoting fine motor development.

Our selection includes toys for both independent learners and for children who prefer social play. There's something here for everyone!