Toy Playhouse Rewards Program

Toy Playhouse operate a Rewards Program as a thank you for shopping with us. We sell some amazing toys designed to challenge, inspire and develop your kids that reward creativity and imaginative play and we think you deserve to be rewarded also. House Points is the currency of the Toy Playhouse Rewards Program and House Points are earned once an order is confirmed and paid for. You can then convert House Points to an $AUD discount on you next or subsequent orders at the current exchange rate.

Unlike other complicated Rewards Programs that take forever to earn enough to redeem with lots of hidden rules and exclusions, we've kept our Rewards Program simple and straightforward. Here're the basics;

  • Earn 4 House Points for every dollar spent
  • No minimum balance to redeem, so you can get a discount on your next order
  • 80 House Points = $1 discount, which works out to a $5 discount when you spend $100
  • House Points last for 13 months

Last Updated December 2016 (change log)

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  1. How do I earn House Points?

    • You automatically earn points when you place an order
  2. How do I redeem House Points as a discount off my order?

    • When you place your order, make sure you are logged-in and you will be prompted on the checkout page to use your House Points as a discount. It's your choice, you can save them up for a later purchase, use some points towards the order or use your entire balance as a discount
  3. I did not register with Toy Playhouse when I placed my order, how do I get my points?

    • We automatically save your balance and account details and send you an activation email, click on the link in this email to activate your account and access your House Points.
    • If you can't find your activation email (or can't be bothered looking) you can click on the "Forgot Password" link on the log-in page to reset your password and access your account. Voila, now you can access your account and house Points.
  4. How long will my House Points be available to use as a discount?

    • House Points are valid for 13 months after the purchase date of the order you earned them on.
  5. Can I swap my House Points for cash?

    • No, House Points cannot be exchanged for cash. House Points cannot be dealt with except in accordance with the below conditions. House Points have no cash or monetary value.
  6. Can I give my House Points to someone else?

    • You sure can!  However it's quite a manual process and you will need to get in touch with us at 1300 869 752 so we can confirm your details and reassign them to another Toy Playhouse member.
    • If the person you want to transfer them to is not a current Toy Playhouse member we will need a few pieces of information
  7. How can I check my House Points balance?

    • Log into your account to check your points balance
    • If you can't remember your password or even creating an account you can reset your password by clicking on the "reset password" link on the Log-in page

Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

The information contained in the following terms and conditions ("Conditions") for the Toy Playhouse Rewards Program (the "Program") details the use of the associated Rewards Program. The Program is provided and operated by World Stores Pty. Ltd. trading as Toy Playhouse ("us/we/our").

  1. Membership

    1. By registering, a Member accepts these Conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw, add or vary any of the Conditions of the Program at any time. These Conditions will apply to all Toy Playhouse Rewards transactions.
    2. By accepting these Conditions we are permitted to communicate to a Member via email, mail, telephone or SMS.
    3. Only individuals may be members of the Program. Membership is free. Registration is by registering for an account or placing an order at
    4. A person may only register once.
    5. A Member must notify us of any change of address.
    6. Members will be able to review their Points Summary in their My Account Dashboard. House Points balance disputes must be made via email within 7 days of the transaction, otherwise, it will be taken to be correct. The Program's decision on any such dispute is final and binding.
    7. A Member may cancel membership in the Program at any time by calling Toy Playhouse or getting in touch via live chat, facebook messenger or sending an email to
    8. We reserve the right to end or change the Program at any time without prior notice.
    9. Upon cancellation, any remaining points of the Toy Playhouse Rewards Program will be forfeited.
    10. Any tax, liability or duty arising from a Member's participation in the Program is the responsibility of the Member.
    11. We reserve the right to end the Program at any time without prior notice. Toy Playhouse or World Stores Pty. Ltd. will not be liable for the suspension or cancellation of the Program on any account including (without limitation) for any points balance in a Member’s account at the time of suspension or cancellation.
  2. Earning Points

    1. Points are earned on the basis that every $1 spent at in a single transaction will earn 4 House Points. Each House Point redeemed has a notional value of $0.05. House Points are based on whole dollars paid, inclusive of GST.
    2. If you are logged into the Toy Playhouse website House Points will automatically be recorded against your order and viewable in the My Account Dashboard. 
    3. When you are logged into the Website the total House Points earned in the transaction you are completing will be displayed on the Checkout page under the title "Rewards Earned".
    4. If you are not a member of Toy Playhouse when you place your order we will save your House Points balance and account details and send you an activation email. Click on the link in this email to activate your account which will save your House Points to your Toy Playhouse account. You must activate your account to receive your House Points.
    5. There is no minimum qty of House Points to achieve before you can redeem your discount. So, you can claim a discount on your next order no matter the value of your last order. House Points have a 13-month expiry date from time points are earned.
    6. Some items will not earn House Points when this occurs the product will clearly state that House Points will not be earned. Some clearance and sale items will not count toward earning House Points.
    7. Points are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Points cannot be dealt with except in accordance with these Conditions. Points have no cash or monetary value.
    8. Unused points expire 13 months after being earned, or if the Program is canceled or suspended.
  3. Claiming a Discount (being rewarded)

    1. A Member may claim a discount on their order at Checkout using House Points. You must be logged into the website to redeem your discount.

    2. When a Member uses points to claim a discount, the points are deducted from the House Points balance of a Member's account, with the oldest points being deducted first.

    3. All rewards are subject to availability. The Program is not liable for any reward not being available for any reason whatsoever.

    4. If in the future third parties offer rewards redeemable from the Program, we reserve the right to add clauses to these Conditions relating to them.

    5. No other offers or discount vouchers may be used when redeeming points for the purchase.

  4. General

    1. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time and without notice to the rewards which members may redeem.

    2. The qty of points earned per dollar is at the time of earning, e.g. 4 House Points per dollar spent, excluding shipping costs and items not included in the Program.

    3. The conversion rate from House Points to $AUD equivalent discount is calculated at the time the discount is redeemed. The redemption value of House Points is calculated at the redemption date, not the earned date.

    4. In addition to deductions for rewards claimed, points will be deducted from the points balance of a Member's account any points credited in error and any points relating to a transaction which is canceled or reversed or where a refund is given.

  5. Privacy Policy

    1. We will not disclose a Member's information (except for any statutory or legal requirements) without a Member's prior approval.

    2. Information concerning members will be held online in the Toy Playhouse customer database ("Database"). The Database contains the following information in relation to Rewards Points:

      • Name, address & telephone number(s)

      • Email address

    3. Points collected and redeemed and associated transactions subject to the Privacy Policy, information from the Database will be made available to agents involved in administering the Program as well as Toy Playhouse and World Stores Pty. Ltd.
    4. Toy Playhouse's privacy policy is available on our website
    5. Members have the right to opt out of mailings, email messages and SMS's received from Toy Playhouse.

Last updated 4th June 2016